at-home training sessions €50/1hr

  • For adolescent and adult dogs
  • Covering basic manners, self-control, loose leash walking, recall, games and enrichment 
  • Addressing the root cause of undesirable behaviours (e.g. jumping, counter-surfing, reactivity) 
  • Positive reinforcement training methods

Puppy SOCIALISATION sessions €50/1hr

  • An essential start to your puppy's life
  • Suitable for pre-vaccination age puppies
  • Bite inhibition; Learning to be gentle with those sharp puppy teeth!
  • Comfort with handling (essential for meeting new people, future vet visits and grooming)
  • Preventing resource guarding
  • Confidence around new objects, environments, people and experiences
  • Socialising your puppy early sets your dog up for success in adolescence and adulthood