Tara Power grew up with a love of dogs and a passion for human and animal behaviour. After completing her BA (Hons) in Psychology and volunteering at a dog training centre, Tara decided to pursue her interest in dog training, becoming a certified Canine Behaviour & Training Technician through AniEd (accredited OCN level 4). 

Tara uses scientifically supported, force-free training techniques. Training sessions and walks are opportunities for your dog to have choice and learn through fun and enrichment. 

Your dog's safety and security are the top priority; Training sessions are fully insured and Tara is certified in Canine First Response and Safe Dog Handling

Beyond Walkies is dedicated to providing mental and physical stimulation to dogs in a fun and safe environment. Tara thrives on providing dog owners with the tools to bond with their dog by encouraging polite dog behaviour and shaping model canine citizens. 

Based in south County Dublin, Ireland.






at-home training sessions €50/1hr

  • For adolescent and adult dogs
  • Covering basic manners, self-control, loose leash walking, recall, games and enrichment 
  • Addressing the root cause of undesirable behaviours (e.g. jumping, counter-surfing, reactivity) 
  • Positive reinforcement training methods

Puppy SOCIALISATION sessions €50/1hr

  • An essential start to your puppy's life
  • Suitable for pre-vaccination age puppies
  • Bite inhibition; Learning to be gentle with those sharp puppy teeth!
  • Comfort with handling (essential for meeting new people, future vet visits and grooming)
  • Preventing resource guarding
  • Confidence around new objects, environments, people and experiences
  • Socialising your puppy early sets your dog up for success in adolescence and adulthood



To book a consultation or to ask any questions, simply fill out the form below or email info@beyondwalkies.com